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Fake Id

How To Get A Iowa Fake Id

How To Get A Iowa Fake Id

How To Get A Iowa Fake Id

Iowa is one of the most sought after states for fake ids due to its relatively lax laws and lenient penalties compared to other states in the USA. Iowa is also home to several large universities, which makes it a haven for students looking to enjoy the party scene. In this article, we will be discussing how to get an Iowa fake id.

1. Find a Reliable Vendor

The first step to getting an Iowa fake id is to find a reliable vendor. There are many vendors out there, but only a few are trustworthy and provide high-quality ids. You can look for vendors by searching online on websites such as Reddit and MySpace.

It is essential to choose a vendor with a good reputation in the business. You can check the vendor’s reputation by reading reviews about the product online. Look for vendors with high customer satisfaction ratings. The vendor should also offer a guarantee on their product.

2. Choose the Type of ID

Iowa offers two types of ids: a driver’s license and a non-driver identification card (ID card). Each of these cards has different requirements and processes.

If you want a driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years old, complete a driver’s education course, pass a vision test, and a driving test. You must also provide documentation such as proof of identity, residency, and legal presence in the US.

For a non-driver ID card, you must also provide proof of identity and residency in Iowa.

3. Gather the Required Documents

To obtain a fake id, you will need to gather the required documents that match the information you want on your id. These documents should match the name, date of birth, and address on your new id.

Some of the documents may include a birth certificate, social security card, and utility bills or bank statements.

4. Choose the Design

When ordering your fake id, you will need to choose the design. The design should match the template of Iowa’s real ids as closely as possible. Most vendors will provide a variety of templates for you to choose from.

It is important to select a design that matches your age and appearance. The photo should be clear and show your face in a clear light. The quality of the photo and the card material is also essential in avoiding detection.

5. Provide Accurate Information

When placing an order, be sure to provide accurate information on the order form. This will ensure that your id matches your actual physical attributes, such as height, weight, and eye color.

Do not use false information as this can result in serious legal consequences. Providing accurate information will also help you avoid any red flags that may cause your fake id to be detected.

6. Payment

Once you have chosen your vendor and design, it is time to make a payment. Many vendors accept payment in Bitcoin, which provides anonymity.

Some vendors also accept payment through MoneyGram or Western Union. These methods of payment may also provide a level of anonymity as you do not have to provide your real name or address.

7. Wait for Delivery

After making payment, you will need to wait for your order to be delivered. Many vendors offer different shipping options such as standard shipping or express shipping.

Standard shipping can take up to 3 weeks, while express shipping can take as little as a few days. It is important to choose a shipping option that is reasonable for your needs.

8. Use Your ID Wisely

Once you have received your fake id, it is crucial to use it wisely. Avoid using it in situations where serious legal consequences can occur, such as entering government buildings or for anything that requires official identification.

Always use your fake id with caution and avoid situations that may draw attention to it.


Getting an Iowa fake id requires some effort and research, but it can be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to have fun but is not yet of age. Remember to use your fake id wisely, and avoid any situations that may cause legal problems. By following these steps, you can obtain a high-quality Iowa fake id that can pass the scrutiny of even the most vigilant bouncer or security guard.
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id
How To Get A Iowa Fake Id

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