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How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id

How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id

How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id

Creating a scannable fake ID can be a challenging task, but with some patience and creativity, it can be done. If you are trying to make a Delaware scannable fake ID, there are a few things to consider. The first step is to understand the requirements of the state of Delaware for identification cards. Once you have that knowledge, you can start creating your fake ID.

The Requirements for an ID Card in Delaware

Before trying to make a scannable fake ID, you need to know what the requirements are for an identification card in Delaware. According to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles website, a valid ID card includes the following information:

– A current photograph of the cardholder
– Full legal name
– Date of birth
– Address
– Height and weight
– Signature
– Cardholder identification number and expiration date
– An encoded magnetic stripe or bar code on the back of the card

To create a scannable fake ID, you need to make sure that all of these requirements are included, or the ID will not be believable or passable.

Materials You’ll Need

To make a scannable fake ID, you will need a few basic materials. These include:

– A high resolution image of your face
– A printer with high-quality ink
– High quality paper
– A laminator
– A computer with graphic design software
– A magnetic stripe reader/writer

Steps to Create a Scannable Fake ID

1. Choose a template.

Choosing a template is the first step in creating your Delaware scannable fake ID. You can find templates online that can be customized to fit your needs. However, be careful when choosing a template, as some may be outdated, and if your template does not match a current Delaware ID, it will not be believable.

2. Gather the required information.

Ensure that you have all the required information like the full legal name, date of birth, current address, and height and weight. After that, be sure to add a picture of yourself that matches the photo on your real ID.

3. Create your design.

In this step, you cannot stray too far from the real ID templates. But you can make adjustments here and there to make it look better. Use graphic design software to create your design, being extremely precise with the measurements and font sizes. Pay attention to the placement of each detail on the ID card, including the picture, state seal, and signature line.

4. Print your ID.

Once your design is complete and you are satisfied with it, you can print your ID on high-quality paper, so it looks authentic.

5. Lamination.

The lamination process is the final stage, and it is essential to make your ID look authentic. This process will make your ID waterproof, durable, and professional, therefore, buy a laminator that’s appropriate for making ID cards. And, also, purchase laminate sheets.

6. Encoding the magnetic stripe.

Delaware scannable IDs should contain a magnetic stripe on the back that contains specific data. The information included on this stripe can be copied from a real ID, and you can buy a magnetic stripe reader/writer to accomplish this.

Tips to Make Your Fake ID More Convincing

To make your fake ID more believable, here are some tips to help you:

– Use high-resolution photos of yourself so that they won’t look fake.
– Ensure that the template and design are current and up-to-date.
– Avoid using generic fonts or misaligned layouts.
– Print on high-quality paper with high-quality ink.
– Use a magnetic stripe reader/writer to encode your magnetic stripe.
– Try to mimic the real ID’s texture and color to make it look more authentic.


It’s crucial to note that possessing or using a fake ID can have serious legal consequences. It is advised to use these methods with caution and only for educational purposes. However, if you must make a Delaware scannable fake ID, ensure that you follow the requirements to the letter, and ensure that your ID is as authentic as possible. Ultimately, this is not an easy task, so reviewing the requirements and the materials needed should allow you to make the best possible ID.
How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id
How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id
How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id
How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id
How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id
How To Make A Delaware Scannable Fake Id

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